The Nitro Fish Legend

The Nitro Fish Legend


Nitro-FossilLegend has it there was once a strange and very special species of animal called Nitro Fish which was found not long ago, encrusted in rock formations dating back to the time of the dinosaurs.

In these prehistoric times, it took a very special, resourceful, and aggressive animal instinct to survive that hostile environment. For that reason, the Nitro Fish was found to have honed its everyday skills until he was comfortable and confident in living and competing in life with and against those many times larger than he. Because of his self-taught determination, he was legendary as a fierce competitor in all aspects of life.

The Nitro Fish welcomed all types of competition and thrived on personal challenges. However, nature would eventually take its course, and the Nitro Fish, along with the mightiest creatures on earth, would mysteriously pass into history, never to return.

But, it is from this rock formation where the Nitro Fish rests, that a crude petroleum with special properties is refined. Measure for measure, it is the most powerful fuel that can be used in an internal combustion engine. Due to its benign appearance, but explosive performance, this liquid was given the name Nitro in recognition of the hearty species.

It is the remains of this unusually competitive creature that is responsible for this high performance source of energy? Possibly. One thing is for certain, the Nitro Fish remains to this day the most powerful animal to have existed for his size; and his competitive spirit is still unmatched.

So, live your life like the Nitro Fish, with confidence and pride in yourself, to take life that extra step closer to the edge, and to prepare yourself to be a winner.